List of Teacher Holding Administration Post

SL# Name of Faculty Members Designation Email-id Mobile No.
1 Prof. KAMAR IQUWAL Vice Principal Cum Examination Controller Cum Hostel Warden(Girls) Cum Library In-Charge Cum KYP-1 Coordinator [email protected] 9525110030
2 DR. MRITUNJAY KUMAR SINGH Admission Registration In-Charge cum RTI In-Charge Cum KYP-2 Coordinator [email protected] 8368007173
3 Prof. ASHAY KUMAR Store In-Charge Cum Verser In-Charge [email protected] 7783833412
4 DR. RISHIKESH PANDEY Domain Skilling In-Charge Cum Cisco In-Charge Cum Campus Supervisor Cum Sports In-Charge [email protected] 8471043599
5 Dr. RAVI KUMAR NPTEL Local Chapter Cum Webinar In-charge [email protected] 9801667018
6 Dr. DINESH KUMAR AICTE Cell and AISHE In-Charge Cum Hostel Warden (Boys) [email protected] 8219570490
7 Prof. AJEET KUMAR Center of Excellence In-charge [email protected] 9655327915
7 Prof. ABHISHEK KUMAR Webinar In-charge [email protected] 9795881163